IMG_2354I have no pretensions about being anything more than an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to photography, but I love the freedom and creativity that digital cameras give me. In particular the iPhone, with its ease of use and apps, has made shooting and editing on the fly so easy that it has become part of my everyday life in a way no camera has before.

The photos in this blog are old and new, most were shot and edited on my iPhone but others were taken on various DSLRs or point-and-shoot cameras. It’s essentially a journal of ongoing experimentation and exploration. Generally, I look for unusual compositions and textures. None of my images are staged or ‘created’ – they are simply what I see around me.

You will also find these images and more on my Flickr page, where I am belatedly bringing some order to some of my favourite shots that have been buried in my Mac for years! Other links and items of interest will show up on the Eyedrop fx Facebook page. I also have some of my images for sale as prints, cards, posters, etc. at chrisgibbons.pixels.com

Thanks for visiting – enjoy the images and please send me your feedback and tips.

My other places:
Kaleidoscope Media Ltd.

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