High as a kite

Flying kits on Good Friday is a much-loved Bermudian tradition – but capturing images of high flying kites on an iPhone is a little tricky. My efforts were a bit “meh” but by playing around with a few apps, I managed to come up with something interesting. Which goes to show that even the most mundane of iPhone shots usually has something within it!

Hedge row

You find boats in all sorts of places in Bermuda, especially if the owner doesn’t have a proper mooring. I spotted this one in a hedge on the roadside near St. George’s. Shot with Hipstamatic using Watts lens, Blanko 일 film, no flash.

Tin roof … rusted

This ramshackle tin carpenter’s workshop on Happy Valley Road in Bermuda was crying out to be photographed. I used Image Blender to combine it with a rusted metal background from my files and accentuated the vintage look with Dynamic Light and Photo Toaster.

Eyedrop FX on show

Posting images on a blog is one thing but actually exhibiting printed work is a new experience for me. These six images of mine will be part of  H-appy Art, an exhibition of app-ed iPhone and iPad photography at the Edinburgh Gallery at the Bermuda Society of Arts, starting tomorrow. My work and that of 10 other photographers is the result of an app workshop we…