Budding green

  Just started playing around with Color Effects, which I used to bring out the leaves in this shot of a group of frangipani trees.

Seaside rock

Shells embedded on a rocky shore – Devonshire, Bermuda.

Painting with pixels

I recently attended a series of iPhone/iPad photography and editing workshops with digital artist, photographer and author Theresa Airey. Among the many tips and techniques I learnt on the course was how to use “painterly” apps like Artista, Painteresque and Auto Painter. These are a lot of fun and make it easy to add a simple artistic effect (watercolour, oil, sketch, etc) but fine-tuning images to get the…

Ripe for apping

Sometimes an image just seems to have so many possibilities. I shot the original picture of the first peaches of the summer in our garden using Camera+. It was OK but I really wanted to bring out the rich, luscious colours of the fruit. I did one treatment using Photo Copier which can layer different photo, artistic or even movie effects (I chose the Hieronymus Bosch…