Budding green

  Just started playing around with Color Effects, which I used to bring out the leaves in this shot of a group of frangipani trees.

Ripe for apping

Sometimes an image just seems to have so many possibilities. I shot the original picture of the first peaches of the summer in our garden using Camera+. It was OK but I really wanted to bring out the rich, luscious colours of the fruit. I did one treatment using Photo Copier which can layer different photo, artistic or even movie effects (I chose the Hieronymus Bosch…

Boston in black and white

It was cold and grey during a short trip to Boston in February – perfect for experimenting with stark and gritty black and white shots. These were all shot on iPhone 5 with either the excellent Hueless b/w app or using Hipstamatic’s Rock BW-11 film and John S lens.

Taken in Telluride

One of my favourite places on earth is Telluride, Colorado, where I ski most winters. This is a selection of images shot on my iPhone 5 native app and Hipstamatic during my most recent trip in February 2013 and edited with a variety of apps, including PhotoToaster, FX PhotoStudio and PhotoForge.