Wall charts

Studies in lichen on walls surrounding Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire. I thought they looked like satellite maps.  Taken on iPhone 5 and processed with PhotoToaster.


These abstracts were created from shots taken on my iPhone 5 while walking around beautiful Hardwick Hall, an Elizabethan masterpiece in Derbyshire. I exaggerated the colours of the natural smooth, sandstone walls with PhotoToaster and used PhotoForge’s pinch and bulge feature to create the border effects.

Chained to the rock

This detail of a boat mooring was taken at Salt Kettle, a lovely corner of “old” Bermuda near my home in Paget. I regularly walk my dog along its lanes and usually have my iPhone handy for potential images. This was shot on an iPhone4. I added a warm photo filter and a touch of film grain effect in Photoshop to bring out the…