Wall charts

Studies in lichen on walls surrounding Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire. I thought they looked like satellite maps.  Taken on iPhone 5 and processed with PhotoToaster.


These abstracts were created from shots taken on my iPhone 5 while walking around beautiful Hardwick Hall, an Elizabethan masterpiece in Derbyshire. I exaggerated the colours of the natural smooth, sandstone walls with PhotoToaster and used PhotoForge’s pinch and bulge feature to create the border effects.

Boston in black and white

It was cold and grey during a short trip to Boston in February – perfect for experimenting with stark and gritty black and white shots. These were all shot on iPhone 5 with either the excellent Hueless b/w app or using Hipstamatic’s Rock BW-11 film and John S lens.

Over the top

This was originally a fairly nondescript picture that I had taken on a grey day because I liked the starkness of the branches above the stone wall. When I started experimenting with the PhotoToaster app, it turned into something completely different. I began to see the branches as sinister barbed wire atop a trench with a fiery, menacing sky awaiting soldiers going “over the…