Bermudian in Paris

Redbird (Paris, 2005)

Bermuda may be a small place but its amazing how often you run into other islanders or reminders of home when you’re travelling.

In September, 2005, my wife and I were staying in the Marais district in Paris. One morning, we were strolling to a nearby cafe and were surprised – and delighted – to come across a poster advertising Bermudian singer-songwriter Heather Nova’s new album, Redbird. We’re both big fans of Heather who has always been very popular in places like France, Holland and Germany, so I naturally took a shot which I had forgotten about until I was reorganising my images recently.

I updated it by desaturating the background to give a dramatic contrast with the red of the poster and the restaurant awning.

(Here’s a clip of Heather performing the title track from the Redbird album on her 2008 European Tour)



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